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The Poodle is famous if you are among the smartest of most dogs. Some individuals associate them with poofy grooming but, in actuality, Poodles are terrific athletes. They got their start as sporting dogs working as water retrievers at the least 600 years ago. Even today many individuals enjoy Poodles in the field as retrievers. But Poodles are multi-talented, sociable dogs. They've been circus dogs; they do well at obedience and other dog sports; and they make wonderful family pets. Poodles shed very little and they are widely considered to become a hypoallergenic breed. Many people that are allergic to dogs can deal with a Poodle. Poodles do like to be the biggest market of attention so make sure you give your Poodle plenty of attention. They are considered easy to coach but training is preferred for these very smart dogs. Otherwise they can find some naughty methods to entertain themselves.

In the U.S. Poodles come in three different sizes or varieties: the Standard, Miniature, and Toy. These varieties are virtually identical in temperament and appearance apart from their height, although the Standard Poodle is usually recommended for families with younger children. Poodles are squarely-built and elegant. The coat is naturally curly. There are several different ways to groom the Poodle coat. Most pets are clipped into low maintenance cuts. Show dogs have clips that want more maintenance. Poodle coats could even be grown out and kept corded (“dreadlocks”). Poodles can be found in a wide variety of colors.

General Nutritional Recommendations

While dogs can digest plant proteins, they digest animal protein more efficiently. Dogs that consume a diet containing mostly plant protein sources may need more protein when compared to a dog that eats a diet that is mostly comprised of animal protein sources. If your pet isn't getting enough energy from dietary fat and carbohydrates in his diet, his body uses dietary protein that could normally go toward growth or maintenance of body functions for energy. This isn't best for your dog's health or metabolism so it's important your dog includes a well-balanced diet. The protein he eats must be easily digestible, preferably featuring some high quality animal protein, alongside fat and carbohydrates for energy.